I have enjoyed being outside and doing active things since I was a kid. One of my great passions is kayaking and I have also made it my profession. My company Natura Viva provides kayak rentals, courses and trips mostly in Southern Finland in the Helsinki area.

Although kayaking is my job, I still do it in my free time. I also enjoy doing other things outdoors such as hiking, skiing and a lot of other things.

Skiing in Kessi

I have thought of starting a blog for a long time, but I really couldn’t think of the concept and it never happened. In the last couple of years taking photos has interested me more and more. I still don’t know too much about photography, but I am trying to learn every day. So I decided, that my blog would be more photos and not so much text.

I am using an Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera and I have an Olympus lens 12 – 40 mm and f/2,8. I use a small portable tripod and I am just getting a better one. I also have an Olympus Pen Mini E-PM1. It is even smaller and have also been using it on the water kayaking. I have a cheaper 14 – 150 mm. With the Olympus cameras I like the size of the cameras compared to the performance. I don’t want to carry too much extra on my trips!

If you have any ideas or comments about my blog, feel free to contact me! And hopefully I will see you somewhere outside!

-Ilkka Lariola

Contact me:

Email: ilkka.lariola@gmail.com

Home in the Wild in Facebook

My personal Facebook

Twitter: @ilkkajlariola

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