A winter day in Valkmusa National Park

Valkmusa National Park is less than two hours from Helsinki by car. One of the borders of the park is Kymijoki, the most popular whitewater kayaking river in Southern Finland. I’ve been kayaking there for years and we also run our whitewater courses there. But for some reason I’ve never visited this place before.

Well that changed on a beautiful winter Saturday. After getting lost once we managed to find the parking place with the entrance to the park. There were just a few parking places and they were full of snow. Of course we got our car stuck. We got some help from other visitors of the park, but decided to reverse the car to a place, where we could turn around and not get stuck. That turned out to be a couple of kilometers away. So we walked a bit more, but luckily the days are getting longer so we managed the whole trip in daylight!

Valkmusa National Park


We started along the path, which was also a cross-country skiing track. We didn’t bring skis, but we had our snowshoes with us. Soon we decided to put the snowshoes on and climbed up the hill. The view was really nice and the weather just perfect!

Snowshoeing in Valkmusa National Park

There was still more than enough of snow to enjoy snowshoeing. A lot of beautiful places to see a bit outside of the normal paths.

A small jump with snowshoes.

With enough of soft snow, it is nice to jump down from small rocks. You just need to watch, that you don’t hit yourself in the face with a camera as almost happened here.

Snowshoeing in Valkmusa National Park

Most of the land area of the park is swamp. It is only accessible in the winter time. There were people skiing and I think that would be the best way to explore the flat swamp area. Especially now when the snow is getting hard enough to carry your weight.  I also think I need to come here in the summer. I’ll be several weekends at Kymijoki anyway, so it is not a long detour!

Winter evening in Porvoo

On the way back we made a short stop at Porvoo. It is a very popular place for people to visit in the summer. But it is also beautiful in the winter!


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