Hiking in Tenerife, Masca Canyon

This is the second post about hiking in Tenerife. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

There are so many great options for hiking in Tenerife, that it is hard to choose just five hikes for our program. We have tried to choose hikes, which all are different. The Masca Canyon is something we have always had in the program. In my opinion it is just something you can’t miss.

The village of Masca and the way to the sea

We start our hike from the village of Masca and hike all the way down to the sea. The village of Masca is a nice place and you could easily just spend a half day there.

Deep in the Masca Canyon

The path starts from the village and goes down the gorge. The water has carved the deep canyon and the canyon walls are really high.

In the Masca Canyon

The walls of the canyon are just spectacular. Although there are a lot of the people on the route, you still get a feeling you are in a very special place.

Beautiful rock formations in the Masca Canyon

There are really beautiful rock formations in the canyon. You could easily spend the whole day just looking around and taking pictures.

Dolphins on the way from Masca to Los Gigantes

The best option for hiking Masca is to take a boat at the end of the canyon. It is possible also to hike back up, but it is a long hike back up. If you are lucky, you might even see some dolphins on the boat trip.

The boat takes you back to Los Gigantes. It is best to reserve your boat trip in advance, so you are sure to have a place in the boat. Depending on your pace, you should reserve 3 – 4 hours to walk from Masca village to the sea.

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